Adoption Coaching, Counseling, & Education

Adoption Coaching, Counseling, & Education

For adoptive parents, adoptees or birth parent

“The adoption process is similar to the creation of a beautiful rainbow; it takes a lot of rain, followed by an abundance of sunshine.” ~Kara

Silver Linings provides supportive services for each party involved in an adoption — the adoptee, adoptive family, and birth family — recognizing the unique circumstances and emotions experienced within each role. We will help you create an adoption plan that best meets the needs of everyone involved and provide supportive services throughout the adoption process, providing referrals when needed for legal, medical and other services..

Types of adoption

  • Closed — this type of adoption is confidential and the identity of the birth parent(s) is sealed. There is no contact with the adoptive family and the birth family after the adoption process is complete.

  • Open — this type of adoption allows for personal and medical information to be exchanged by all parties involved, and for the option of contact by the birth family after adoption (the type and frequency of which are agreed upon by everyone).

  • Semi-open — a limited level of communication is shared between the birth family and the adoptive family during the adoption process and after delivery items occasional letters and photos may be exchanged.

Please note that in the state of Kentucky, those interested in adopting a child must complete a home study by a licensed agency before being approved. At this time, Silver Linings is not an adoption-licensed agency able to provide this service, but we do offer an extensive referral list. Kentucky also requires that each approved prospective parent maintain a foster care license with the state by earning two hours of adoption education per year while awaiting a placement. Silver Linings will offer adoption workshops that can provide these Continuing Education Hours (CEU’s).

The Adoption Triad

It can help to think of each person involved in an adoption as a member of a triad, or triangle, each bringing individual experiences, desires and perspectives to the triad, and each linked by this shared experience.


As adopted children grow up, they may begin to question where they came from, who their birth parents are, and how being adopted impacts their identity. They may experience issues with transition, attachment and even identity crisis.

Birth parents

An unplanned or crisis pregnancy does come without its share of emotions. Birth parents often experience grief, guilt and uncertainty. They may question how to know when a prospective adoptive couple is a good match and what their role will be in the adoptee’s life. They might be looking for support throughout the pregnancy and afterward.

Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents need a coach, someone to walk them through the detailed process of adoption, from finding an agency, navigating the hospital process, to figuring out what role they want the birth parent to play in the adoptee’s life after birth. They may experience uncertainty, fear, and need assistance with boundaries, ethical considerations or legal references. This coach will also provide general mediation between all parties.

Regardless of which member of the Triad you are, we can help you find your silver lining.